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Holiday Season is upon us! Though I have been celebrating the arrival of Christmas since Halloween…..maybe September… I cannot get enough Christmas music, fairy lights, sparkling ornaments oh I’m getting all feverish just thinking about it.

It’s really not my fault, I come from a family who is crazy in love with the holiday season, any excuse to dress up in your tinselly frocks getting drunk while belting Last Christmas by WHAM! (R.I.P George Michael)… I mean, it’s biblical how he passed on Christmas day, yes it was the worst Christmas to date for that very reason, and yes I morned his death listening to that song over and over toasting him for a classic which will live on forever! Forever I tell you!

But this year, to save me from tears, I’ll be paying my respects to my British heritage by making this adorable baby Victoria Sponges. I might have also gotten this idea from binging on my favorite television show, The Great British Bake Off.

I was first introduced to this phenomenon on my travels to England during the better half of 2015/2016. My amazing work mates were chatting about the show, and their passion was so intense it transported me back to the States as if I were listening to my American friends talking about American Football.  But of course, baking is way more interesting than American Football – and yes I will call it that forever as the real game of football is played using you know, ya feet. I mean, please.

Anyway, soon I was hooked, and when I moved back to States, I was delighted to hear Netflix had brought my favorite show across the pond!

These mini Victoria Sponges are based on the queen of bake herself, Mary Berry. Click here for the recipe.

My babies are lathered in jam and topped with fresh whipped cream. Dig in while enjoying some yummy black tea and I don’t know, The Great British Bake Off?

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