This year was a time of growth and reflection. A transition from sleep to awake, when self discovery and acceptance blossomed. In the darkest of times shines the brightest of illuminations, paths yet noticed or discovered. Fight or flight was the theme since my growth came to fruition. My Blackness; discovered, affirmed to loved. My whiteness, affirmed and forgiven. Now is a time not to decide to fight or flight, the decision is already made. Now is the time for the execution of my divine design – a path to freedom. 

This year I will follow my intuition, not suppress it. Nor my desires, ambitions or conviction. No longer will I make myself smaller to fit other’s comforts. Letting go, forgiving (but not forget) my past and move forward with an unfogged mind- what power. The power I will carry with me through the next chapter, brand new sparkling with untold prospects.

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